Overcome support barriers with agility
The post-launch phase of your Drupal-powered websites or applications is a new beginning in your enterprise’s digital transformation. In this era of unforeseen tech dependencies, traditional support and maintenance models can no longer get the job done.

Five major support roadblocks:
  • Rise of ‘The Maintenance Zone’ where demotivated resources use a reactive ticketing system to fix problems after they happen
  • Poor management of security updates affecting platform’s compatibility to software stack
  • Unavailability of new integrations on old systems due to exorbitant costs
  • Lack of support scalability that de-aligns business and technology priorities
For your enterprise to have the ability to successfully navigate through the support roadblocks of today, collaboration-led agility is essential.
Be more agile and self-organizing
Using agile methodologies, ITTDigital gives your future-ready Open Source Software platform all the support flexibility it needs. Quality, security, scalability, and usability are no longer the goals of individuals spread across disparate teams. With our agile support services and third-party integration capabilities, they turn into enterprise goals that many teams seamlessly collaborate to achieve and sustain.
Avoid “The Maintenance Zone”
We work with web and application owners to groom support tickets into a prioritized managed backlog. We also create tickets to enhance the portfolio and prevent outages or bugs while performing health audits to create roadmaps for recovery or improvement.
  • Prevent issues before they impact business outcomes
  • Unfreeze addition of new features for better customer support
  • Deal with simple change requests quickly and cost-efficiently
Incentivize support teams to go beyond tickets
We constantly ensure that your agile support teams are engaged and invested in the health of your enterprise’s digital presence. We incentivize them to create innovative ways of improving stability, security, performance, and visibility of your Drupal-powered technologies.
  • Improve overall web and application portfolio
  • Turn average support desks into highly motivated support control rooms
  • Apply agile tactics to meet world-class standards
Be scalable without bearing excessive cost burdens
We accurately gauge the ongoing priorities of support teams. Whether dealing with emergency requests or proactively improving portfolio operations, we provide on-demand scalability that can be aligned to your priorities.
  • Assess the level of experience for support resources
  • Add or remove capacity from support teams
  • Organically adapt to changing and unpredictable business scenarios
Harness agile support across your enterprise
ITTDigital can manage the entire gamut your enterprise’s web and application portfolio management services:

Intuitive monitors to trigger early warnings that an application is unhealthy

Ongoing reports on the portfolio to identify inconsistencies

Fewer outages and better-understood systems 

Higher degrees of automation

Advanced analytics and A/B testing systems 
A priority-driven mindset to fix backlogs at accelerated speeds
Flexibility to add or subtract support tasks
No more contractual constraints

Seamless management of security updates and version controls
Adherence to best practices, no matter where you are 
Software stack updated to the latest and most secure version
Optimized security measures to boost performance 

Support tickets synchronized to agile software delivery processes
Reduced friction in change management process
Line-by-line detail for code and configuration
Automated and manual tests to validate changes

Get the agile support advantage
Agile Teams with
on-demand support
Predictable cost
model – with
blended rates
Better service quality
and automation-led
No more
“Negotiating bugs vs
feature requests”
to evolving
enterprise standards
Incubation of support
best practices
over a period