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  • Create mobile-friendly Drupal websites
  • Enabling Web Accessibility from day 1
  • Seamless Global Launches -multi-lingual, multi-country rollouts
  • Deliver Drupal website in 24 hours
  • Automate Migration - Legacy Drupal to Drupal 8

ITTdigital is an expert in

Web Acessibility

Web accessibility

Decoupled Drupal

Decoupled Drupal



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Thorough testing against a proven checklist coupled with experienced Drupal experts handholding the transition to go live ensures that there is no scope for any errors.

Drupal 8 allows you to install Drupal natively in over 90 languages and assign a language to everything (nodes, users, views, blocks and menus).

Drupal has a very sophisticated caching system that greatly improves performance on several layers. Once configured and enabled, caching is completely automatic, and significantly increases loading speed. Drupal gives developers a very extensive toolset in their quest to cache as much as possible while keeping the content dynamic, as you would expect.

This can be easily achieved through Drupal’s highly modular and scalable architecture.The integration requirements are handled by Drupal’s Library API and its Services Layer which ensure the consumption of third-party external APIs.

You first need to make an unaltered local copy of the hacked website. This can be used later for analyzing the root cause of vulnerability. You should immediately switch to the backup site (with limited or restricted functionality) until the vulnerability is analyzed and a security fix is applied. Finally do not forget to report your issue to the Drupal security team.