Hindsight’s 2020: Don’t miss out on Acquia Engage 2019!
By Sai Kota|November 07, 2019|1 min read

With the year 2020 around the corner, leading digital innovation must be a top mandate in your organization. For nearly two decades, ITT Digital has been a trusted partner to connect all things digital - from business consulting and software development to web and mobile app development.

Web Accessibility Citizen Experiences
Web Accessibility Citizen Experiences
By Sai Kota|October 14, 2019|1 min read

How web accessibility empowers governments to deliver inclusive citizen experiences

Drupal Hackathon 2019 @ ITT Digital
By Sai Kota|September 03, 2019|1 min read

Cheerful Drupal Hackers

What an exciting Friday at ITTDigital! Delighted to launch "Drupal Hackathon 2019 at ITTDigital”, our first internal hackathon on 23rd, August - 2019. 

Why Drupal 8 is a digital game-changer for the Life Sciences industry
By Shivaraju|August 21, 2019|1 min read

In 2019, digital transformation has evolved into an industry-agonistic imperative. Some industries are going full throttle while others are adopting a cautious approach. The jury is already out on what the near future has in store for all things digital.

migrate drupal8
8 reasons why you should migrate to Drupal 8
By Rishab|August 20, 2019|1 min read

Migrations are like moving houses or changing jobs. Sometimes, they are inevitable. Other
times, there is a choice. Many of the times, migration is inevitable. You are forced to move,
even if you don’t want to.

headless drupal
Everything you need to know about Headless Drupal in a few minutes
By Mayank|August 19, 2019|1 min read

Traditionally, Drupal-based websites tend to be monolithic, which means that the entire project resides inside Drupal.