Drupal Hackathon 2019 @ ITT Digital
By Sai Kota | September 03, 2019 |

Cheerful Drupal Hackers

What an exciting Friday at ITTDigital! Delighted to launch "Drupal Hackathon 2019 at ITTDigital”, our first internal hackathon on 23rd, August - 2019. 

Drupal developers at hackathon

We invested the first hour in gearing up for the code bash. 

Drupal module development

Over the course of 7 hours, 30 developers got together and focused all their energy on innovating on Drupal and making the platform a better place for customers & community. On the day, we focused on building accessibility and on debugging. A lot was learned over the course of the hackathon. 

The Drupal teach team chose two ideas to work on:

  1. Drupal Commits: As a contribution to the Drupal Community fixes the maximum number of issues in drupal.org within the day.
  2. Web accessibility: Champion the cause of web accessibility, so that websites are digitally inclusive for those who have disabilities.

Drupal 8 commits

Syed, Head of Delivery said “We don’t want to be yet another Drupal Service Provider. There are many drupal shops out there. But clients choose us for our quality of work and for our ability to innovate for the customer. So we want to leverage this hackathon to make the platform more robust and do something unique for our customers”.

The team took up a goal to make at least 15 drupal commits in drupal.org before the end of the day. Another team started groundwork on web accessibility. 

In about 5 hours, the team finished 15 commits and was pumped to do more. The number grew to 20 and added up to 25 and finally finished with 30 commits. It was hi-fi time after an intensive hacking session. 

Drupal developers at ITTDigital

Meanwhile, deep research was conducted on web accessibility and published a webpage. The team has also built a proof of concept that enterprises can apply to their websites. Fill the contact form here if you are keen to get a copy of the ‘Definitive Guide to Accessibility’. 

Fixing Drupal 8 security at hackathon

All along the mood was festive and we had loads of fun as we challenged each other and pushed the limits. 

Drupal console development

Additionally, we also made a promise to conduct such hackathons in the months ahead and help the Drupal Community grow. Watch this space for more...and if you wish to participate in future hackathons, let us know via the website. We’d love to collaborate.