Why Drupal 9 is a digital game-changer for the Life Sciences industry
By Shivaraju | June 18, 2021 |

In 2021, digital transformation has evolved into an industry-agonistic imperative. Some industries are going full throttle while others are adopting a cautious approach. The jury is already out on what the near future has in store for all things digital. For brands, creating a digital presence is only half the battle. Their victory lies in enabling an accessible digital journey for customers to interact and do business with them.

The life sciences industry is no stranger to digital environments. However, the need for adoption has rapidly grown from a watercooler murmur into a deafening battle cry in recent years. Industry experts opine that it is a fundamental shift in strategy that has already been set in motion.

“Online search drives 3X more patients compared to non-search” - Google

These days, patients are willing to accept digital healthcare products because of the transformation they have seen and experienced in other industries. With quick access to information, they feel empowered to make their own choices – whether exploring alternative medicine or considering price factors. The current mobile-first mindset has put extra pressure on the life sciences industry. Modern patients have low to zero tolerance for bad digital experiences.

“Digital ad spending in the US healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will grow by 16.5% to reach $11.2 billion in 2021” - eMarketer

While digital transformation has enabled healthcare brands to proactively serve patients, it has also made them vulnerable to change management. Especially, when they do not have a partner who is equipped to help them in transitioning to the digital world.

Unleash the transformative digital prowess of Drupal 9

Adding a scalable and robust Content Management System is a crucial part of any digital roadmap. That is where Drupal 9 comes in. A state-of-the-art CMS framework, Drupal 9 has been a pioneer in encouraging the healthcare industry to successfully harness digital innovation. It integrates the latest omnichannel technology with healthcare offerings, so that brands can transform the way they operate and deliver value to patients.

  • Discover new revenue opportunities
  • Promote transparency in patient relationships
  • Improve operational efficiency with process automation
  • Adopt emerging technologies to create new segments
  • Create personalized and futuristic patient experiences

Ride the digital healthcare wave with Drupal 9

The new Drupal 9 framework is robust, highly secure and easy-to-install. It ensures interoperability with adjacent technologies such as CRM, DAM, MCCM and MRM, and comes inbuilt with a sophisticated permission-setting process. With API provisions for creating innovative solutions, Drupal 9 comes power-packed with memorable features for going digital while giving developers all the tools they need to do more with less!

Get out-of-the-box flexibility
Using only the core modules and APIs of Drupal 9, it is simple to accommodate complex websites and apps. With over 40,000 and counting specific modules, contributed by the Drupal community, many advanced features are available as plug-and-play functionalities. Drupal 9 also makes supports swift management of digital assets, audio and video playback, and multilingual translation features.

Use nimble codes
Drupal 9 puts the power of semantic codes on your fingertips through HTML5. This leads to quick content retrieval and reduced page loading time while bridging mobile, web and native applications. It comes with a trail-blazing accessibility advantage of being able to connect with assistive devices in a frictionless manner.

Customize content authoring
Drupal 9 offers a cutting-edge tool for content creation and publishing. Through its WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor, content can be edited on the front-end. The website’s content display can be viewed before publishing, so that improvements can be easily made.

Leverage advanced security measures
Drupal-powered websites reflect the highest standards of global compliance by countering every major security risk, as stated by the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). Its strong coding standards are based on best practices, and they are periodically subject to a strict community code review. Drupal’s dedicated security team is available round-the-clock to deal rapidly with any technical issues.

Go mobile-friendly from the start
Responsive to all screen sizes, Drupal 9 is an optimal solution for today’s mobile application developers. With a comprehensive list of customizable modules and customized themes, it can play the role of a data source to build top-of-the-line mobile apps. The administration interface also makes Drupal 9 the technology of choice for mobile-centric customers.

History has shown next-gen technology has effortlessly transformed how pharmaceuticals and medical devices are discovered and manufactured. Today, how patients experience healthcare products, services and solutions should be just as seamless. With Drupal 9 high on the digital transformation agenda, the life sciences industry is all set to become more progressive with patient care.